Play Therapy

Play is the language for children. For younger clients, traditional talk therapy is not necessarily recommended or appropriate. Children can benefit from therapy that incorporates play elements to allow for self-expression. Play can provide children and preteens with outlets for emotional expression, learning skills, problem solving, developing social skills, strengthening family relationships and cultivating empathy. Research indicates play therapy is an effective approach, regardless of age, gender, or the nature of the problem. Although caregivers are not always present in every session, play therapy is most effective when a parent, family member, or a caretaker is actively involved in the treatment process. 

Telehealth and Play Therapy

Telehealth has many benefits and is becoming a more standard practice. For children, telehealth may need to be adapted to meet the client’s needs and abilities. Some children benefit from shorter 30-minute sessions while others are able to participate in a full 50-minute session. This will be dependent on the child’s attention span and the presenting problems. Virtual play therapy will also look a little different than a typical session in an office and play approaches are adapted to resources available to clients and virtual engagement.

Some children, especially younger children (under 7 years-old), may still be best suited from in-person sessions. During the 15-minute consultation, we can determine if telehealth services are best suited for you and your child.

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